Returning Veteran Checklist

Welcome Home Veteran, Pennsylvania is Proud of You!

(Please Note: If you are a severely disabled Veteran and need any special accommodations, please identify that to your service officer or career counselor when making appointments.)

  • Receive your DD 214

Things to do within one year from Separation

  • Have your DD 214 recorded in the County Recorder's Office for FREE
    • Safeguard all your records. You will need them again.
  • Visit your County Director of Veterans Affairs (normally located in the County Courthouse) or Accredited Service Organization Representative for FREE
    • Take a copy of all your records with you for your appointment
      • Service Medical Records
      • Personnel File
      • Dental Record
    • Have your County Director of Veterans Affairs or Accredited Veterans Service Officer review your records and advise you on the benefits you qualify for
    • File for disabilities through an Accredited Veterans Service Officer
  • Fill out VA form 10-10 EZ for VA Healthcare benefits
    • Go to your local VAMC to turn in Form 10-10 EZ and schedule an appointment
    • You may qualify for 5 years of FREE healthcare through the VA from your separation date
  • Visit your local CareerLink Office (Pennsylvania Job Service) FREE SERVICE
    • Ask to speak with the Veterans Employment Representative
    • File for unemployment
    • Get help finding a job
    • Attend classes to help in your search for employment
    • Military skills that be used in civilian life are identified
  • Visit colleges you are interested in / use the GI Bill
    • Ask to speak with the Veterans Representative on campus
    • Always identify yourself as a Veteran and inquire about Yellow Ribbon funding in addition to GI Bill payments for college
    • Many non-traditional programs are included in the Post 9-11 GI Bill
  • When you are ready to buy a home inform your lender you are a Veteran and that you are interested in using the VA Home Loan Guaranty
    • This is as easy as informing your lender you are a Veteran and wish to use your benefit (you will need to provide a copy of your DD 214)
    • Disabled Veterans (USDVA Rating) have the funding fee waived
    • You can include the down payment in the loan

Pennsylvania Veterans Service Organizations
available to assist you

An Accredited Veterans Service Officer is your advocate ( FREE ) to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and is thoroughly trained to represent you and to manage your claim for benefits. Once you have assigned a Power of Attorney (Veterans Service Officer) always visit them regarding ANY correspondence you receive from the USDVA.

(Please note: If you are a severely disabled Veteran and need any special accommodations, please identify that to your Veterans Service Officer.)

County Director of Veterans Affairs                           (see website listing)

Adjutant General's Office of Pennsylvania

Fort Indiantown Gap (Headquarters)                              800-547-2838

Pittsburgh                                                                 866-754-8636

Philadelphia                                                               866-754-8637

American Legion

State Headquarters                                                    717-730-9100

Pittsburgh                                                                 412-395-6230

Philadelphia                                                               215-381-2032

American Veterans (AMVETS)

State Headquarters                                                    717-865-9982

Pittsburgh                                                                 412-395-6248

Philadelphia                                                               215-381-3294

Disabled American Veterans

State Headquarters                                                    717-761-4060

Pittsburgh                                                                 412-395-6241

Philadelphia                                                               215-381-3065

Jewish War Veterans

Philadelphia                                                               215-842-3140

Marine Corps League

State Headquarters                                                    800-779-7301

Military Order of the Purple Heart

State Headquarters                                                    724-437-1220

Pittsburgh                                                                 412-395-6255

Philadelphia                                                               215-381-3064

Paralyzed Veterans of America

State Headquarters                                                    412-781-2474

Pittsburgh                                                                 412-395-6260

Philadelphia                                                               215-381-3057

United Spinal Association

Philadelphia                                                               215-381-3037


State Headquarters                                                    717-234-7927

Pittsburgh                                                                 412-395-6260

Philadelphia                                                               215-381-3123

Vietnam Veterans of America

Altoona                                                                    814-943-8164 X7085 

Thank You for Your Service and Welcome Home!